The Secret to Earning Money
with Google Ads

If you haven’t spoken with our team about how Google Ads could help launch your business into becoming an online success then you are simply missing out on HUGE chunks of potential profit, every day! Google Ads is one of the fastest strategies to generate sometimes almost unbelievable returns on investment in a near instant. Google Ads is an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors by appearing front and centre in your target audiences search results and our team are experts in maximising the profitability of our campaigns by weeding out wasted clicks and focusing on converting website clicks into high quality leads that generate new business for our clients.

We’re all about exceeding our clients expectations and we go more than the extra mile to ensure we deliver REAL results by using our years of Google Ads experience to build campaigns that ensure your business is being found by the right customers, in the right locations and we’re continuously optimising all of our campaigns so you can sit back and relax while our team takes care of getting your business found.

So stop losing out on generating EXTRA WORK for your business and let us start growing your business with Google Ads!

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Supercharge Your Bottom Line with Google Ads

Several elements make up the services that Google Ads provides to business owners, so we’ve provided a handy overview below. Remember, if you don’t understand anything, we’ve got your back. Just ask us for help! The main parts of Google Ads are:

  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping Management
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Ads Process

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Google Ads is a major player in the internet paid advertising arena. That’s why it’s critical to do it right for it to be truly effective. If you don’t feel confident with Google Ads Management, then you can draw on our extensive experience and proven systems for success at Digital Movement. Google Ads can benefit you by:

  • Making greater brand awareness a snap
  • Getting you to the results stage super quick
  • Working with longer-term SEO initiatives

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Google Remarketing is like giving internet users a gentle tap on the shoulder to remind them to revisit your website. When they click on your remarketing ad, they might continue their abandoned purchase, sign up to your newsletter, or fire off an enquiry about a product. Here’s what Google Remarketing can do for you:

  • Give potential customers a second chance to buy
  • Keep your brand top of mind for internet users
  • Help you gain valuable brand exposure

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The Google Display Network is huge and is seen by 90 per cent of internet users at any time. That’s incredible exposure. And it’s sitting right there waiting for you to take advantage of it. Here’s what the Google Display Network does for you:

  • Targets specific audiences for better ROI
  • Gives you a large amount of exposure across a range of websites
  • Creates a more passive yet subliminally effective advert

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Google Shopping Management places your product adverts on top of organic Google searches. That’s prime real estate right there, and it’s particularly useful for retail stores and ecommerce sites. Here’s what Google Shopping Management (aka Product Listing Ads or PLAs) can do for your business:

  • Keep your budget closely monitored within limits
  • Achieve digital marketing outcomes via a different route
  • Reveal your products to users making relevant searches in Google

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