Our Money Fueling PPC/SEM Strategies That Set Us Apart From The Rest!

Pay per click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is without doubt an important part of your overarching digital marketing plan. Let’s break down these two main players of online marketing and explain why they’re so essential:

Pay per click means that you only pay when people actually click on your advert. Unlike SEO which is an organic and longer term tactic for building your business, PPC can get you results super quick – and it’s cost-effective to boot! At Digital Movement we provide PPC management services.

SEM is a broad name for anything that pumps up your visibility on SERPS (search engine results pages). A SERP is what you get when you do any search on Google, listing all the relevant websites to your search.

SEM covers SEO (search engine optimisation) as well as PPC (on Bing and Google) and advertising on the Google network, including YouTube, website publishers, search engine listings, apps and associated properties.

Phew. That’s a lot of info. So why are these avenues for marketing important? Because they can provide unprecedented exposure for your business at a very affordable rate. But you can’t just throw mud at a metaphorical digital marketing wall and hope something sticks. You need a proper strategy in order to net the best results. That’s where our search engine marketing company in Melbourne and for elsewhere comes in. At Digital Movement we can help you attack your digital marketing with gusto using a robust strategy. Stop throwing mud at a wall. Contact us today!

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Instant Results That Generate Immediate Traffic

You might be wondering how you can grow your business using PPC and SEM strategies. These methods are great for getting tangible results with digital marketing. Use SEO for long-term search engine visibility while other SEM tactics such as PPC can be used to boost short term results into the stratosphere. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Complete advertising budget control
  • Pay just for the clicks you get with PPC
  • Instant optimisation based on results
  • Immediate traffic for greater ROI
  • Conversions in weeks, not months

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Stay On Top with Our PPC/SEM

Want more sales from the people around you? At Digital Movement, our PPC/SEM
strategy means actually reaching those within easy reach.

Our cheerful and friendly team love to get big results for you. All of the members of our staff have skills and qualities that benefit our team as a whole. This means that we can provide a truly multifaceted approach to your digital marketing. All the cogs fit and work together to create a most wondrous machine – the Digital Movement plan for your marketing success! We’re proud of our work and the results we achieve for our clients.

Planning and strategy are vital when it comes to digital marketing. If you don’t have a strategy, then you don’t have a way of generating results. Without a plan, you have no way of measuring progress. Have you noticed how motivating progress is? We have. That’s why we measure everything we do using our cutting-edge tools. In conclusion, planning and strategy – get around it!

It’s not enough to plan all day; at some point, you must step into action! Implementation and design is where the magic happens and we put our plan to the test. What’s so great about implementing? Well, using our modern digital tools, we can often subtly change course as we go by optimising our SEM campaigns based on current results. Pretty cool, huh?

As we said, we measure everything, so we can tell you straight away how your SEM and PPC campaigns are going. They should compound over time with positive results. More leads, more conversions, better ROI, increased brand visibility – that kind of thing. If you want more of that good stuff, talk to us today about how we can turbocharge your SEM.

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